# Charts

# genericChart

  preset?: 'line' | 'line-fast' | 'bar' | 'bar-fast';
  options?: ChartOptions;
}): Chart;

A Charting component using the Chart.js library, to visualize data streams.

# Parameters

Option Type Description Required Default
preset string The chart preset. Available presets are 'line', 'line-fast', 'bar', 'bar-fast'. 'line'
options ChartOptions Custom Chart Options {}

Custom chart options can be passed as an object that is compatible with Chart.js's options (see online documentation (opens new window)), with 2 additional shorthand options xlabel and ylabel.

# Example


# scatterPlot

  dataset: Stream<number[][]>,
  labels: Stream<string[] | number[]>
  ): ScatterPlot;

A scatter plot component using the scatterGL (opens new window) library.

# Parameters

Option Type Description Required
dataset Stream<number[][]> Stream of number arrays containing 2-dimensional data to be plotted
labels Stream<string[] | number[]> Stream of labels (either as strings or numbers) used to apply colors on data points