# Utilities

# Logger

Marcelle provides a logger utility to display messages in the user interface and/or the console. When a dashboard is mounted, messages are displayed in the footer.

The logger provides serveral functions taking an arbitrary number of messages, similarly to the console object:

logger.log(...messages: unknown[]): void;
logger.debug(...messages: unknown[]): void;
logger.info(...messages: unknown[]): void;
logger.warning(...messages: unknown[]): void;
logger.error(...messages: unknown[]): void;

# Example

import { logger } from '@marcellejs/core';

logger.log('Hello Marcelle!');
logger.error('An error occurred with code', 42);

# Notifications

function notification({
  title: string;
  message: string;
  duration?: number;
  type?: 'default' | 'danger';
}): void

Display a notification on the top-right of the screen.

# Parameters

Option Type Description Required
title string The notification's title
message string The notification's main message
duration number The notification's duration in milliseconds. If 0, the notification remains on the screen. Defaults to 3000
type 'default' | 'danger' The notification's type. Defaults to 'default'

# Example

import { notification } from '@marcellejs/core';

  title: 'Tip',
  message: 'You need to have at least two classes to train the model',
  duration: 5000,